Business Planning - An Overview of the Essential Elements of Business Planning - With Gary Evans from Hawk Associates

Date: March 2017 TBC
Time: 10.00am - 3.30pm
Location: Tourism Swansea Bay, The Barham Centre, Mount Pisgah, Parkmill, SA3 2EQ
Cost: 25 for Trade Association Members / 40 for non-members (Refreshments provided and will include a light lunch)

This Business Planning workshop, led by Gary Evans from Hawk Associates, will provide an overview of the essential elements of business planning. This will be useful for new businesses to develop and grow their business and will also enable established businesses to refresh their thinking to determine what they need to do to run their business successfully and profitably. The primary aim is for new and established businesses to have a clear view of what they want to achieve and a plan for making it happen.
At the end of the workshop, delegates will be able to create or update their business plan and most importantly, have a clear vision of their goals for themselves and their business as well as a plan for delivery.
Workshop Aims
To understand what is involved in writing a meaningful and useful business plan, whether setting up a new business or running an existing business.
  • Be clear on the key elements of running a successful business and how these are addressed in a business plan
  • Understand the importance of business planning and be able to write an effective business plan
  • Learn a variety of elements involved in setting up a business, aligned to a clear business plan
  • Understand how to develop an existing business having written a revised or new business plan
  • Personal development and enjoyment
 Is it for you?  Yes...
..If you're involved in a new tourism business, whether already started or not yet off the ground.
..If you're running an established business, to more closely examine what you are doing, to see gaps in your thinking and to understand what you may need to know to develop further.


About the trainer - Gary Evans, Hawk Associates - click here


You can book by contacting Tourism Swansea Bay on 01792 371441 /
[email protected]